The PPE Certificate requires SIX courses. The Gateway (PS 331) is taken early on, though you are welcome to take some electives first.  The Capstone (PS 449) is a SENIOR level course, to be taken in your fourth year.

The other four courses are electives. You take two courses in one discipline (your “concentration” in the Certificate) and one in each of the others. For example, if you concentrate in Philosophy, you would take the Gateway, two Philosophy courses, one Economics course, and one Political Science class. If you concentrate in Economics, then you would take two Economics courses, and one in each Philosophy and Political Science, and so on.

Every semester we list the courses that are available for credit as PPE Electives for the coming semester.
Here are those courses for Fall 2024.


Gateway Course (Econ 361 | Phil 246 | Poli Sci 331) listed as “Prisoner’s Dilemma and Distributive Justice”

Capstone Course (Econ 386 | Phil 465 | Poli Sci 449) listed as “PPE Capstone”



Economic Principles | ECON 101D

Statistical Foundations of Econometrics and Data Science | ECON 104D

Thinking Through Models | ECON 113FS

Introduction to Political Economy | ECON 119

Intermediate Microeconomics I | ECON 201D


Intermediate Macroeconomics | ECON 210D

Life Within Capitalism | ECON 270

History of Economic Thought | ECON 311

Adam Smith and the System of Natural Liberty | ECON 312S

Argument Across the Disciplines | ECON 315S

Economics of the Public Sector | ECON 338

Gender in the Economy | ECON 348

Global Inequality Research | ECON 436



Introduction to Philosophy | PHIL 101

Aesthetics: The Philosophy of Art | PHIL 202

Political and Social Philosophy | PHIL 207

Philosophy of Language | PHIL 209

Knowledge and Certainty | PHIL 210

Appearance and Reality | PHIL 211

Philosophy of Mind | PHIL 212

The Good Life: Religion, Philosophy, and Life’s Ultimate Concerns | PHIL 214

Problems in Ethical Theory | PHIL 216

Introduction to Ethical Theory | PHIL 217

Philosophy and Neuroscience | PHIL 252

Marx, Nietzsche, Freud | PHIL 286

Adam Smith and the System of Natural Liberty | PHIL 312S

Kant | PHIL 331

Philosophy of Time & Space | PHIL 411


Political Science       

Climate Change: A Political Economy Perspective | POLSCI 128

Introduction to Political Economy| POLSCI 145

Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Minorities in American Politics | POLSCI 205

Nuclear Weapons: US Foreign Policy and the Challenges of Global Proliferation | POLSCI 233

Life Within Capitalism: A History of its Values, Measures and Struggles | POLSCI 252

Religion and Politics in American History | POLSCI 267

Left, Right, and Center: Competing Political Ideals | POLSCI 275

Special Topics in Political Science | POLSCI 290

Black Politics | POLSCI 305S

Prisoner's Dilemma and Distributive Justice | POLSCI 331

The Modern Regulatory State | POLSCI 340D

Political Violence, Repression, and Organized Crime | POLSCI 364

Foreign Policy of the United States | POLSCI 365D

Environment and Conflict: The Role of the Environment in Conflict and Peacebuilding | POLSCI 367S

Marxism and Society | POLSCI 371

Marx, Nietzsche, Freud | POLSCI 378

Ancient Athenian Law | POLSCI 380

Inequality in Western Political Thought | POLSCI 384

Origins of WWI and WWII in Europe | POLSCI 402S

Global Inequality Research | POLSCI 425